Will His Master’s Voice be heard no more?

So HMV are the next high street store to call in the administrators. – What a surprise.

I have to say that I love the shop and have visited it for nearly 20 years. – In fact I bought my very first record from my local store! HMV always has plenty of stock and its staff are good at their jobs and I feel for them knowing that their future employment with the company now hangs in the balance. However, the blame for HMV finding themselves in this situation solely lies with HMV.

In the face of online sales and competition, HMV has not adapted. They have had years to prepare for the events of the last few days and have ultimately failed to act. They have not diversified their operations to keep up with technology, competition and popular demand.

HMV are the last UK music shop and they should have used this fact to their advantage. They didn’t. – This is most likely because its top brass know very little or nothing about music sales and failed to undertake the following:

  1. Made their primary website their digital music download website and not a subdomain to increase digital download sales ahead of poor sales of DVDs and CDs
  2. Made digital books and films available for digital purchase and download
  3. Synchronised online and in-store prices
  4. Matched competitors prices
  5. Offered a cross platform cloud-based media app for Windows, Mac OS and iOS that enables consumers to purchase, download and stream music, films, books onto any device in direct competition with Apple iTunes
  6. Offered consumers the ability to dock their devices in store to purchase and download music
  7. Fixed the HMV iOS app that repeatedly crashes
  8. Gave away free music downloads
  9. Sponsored more music events/festivals
  10. Stopped selling food and drink in store!

Finally, I read that the boss of HMV was the boss of Jessops. – Need I say more?




About Alex Pegg

Hi my name is Alex Pegg MCP MCDST MCTS and I am The IT Guy. I am an Application Support Analyst from Leicester, UK and have worked in IT support services for 15 years. Alex Pegg MCP MCDST MCTS
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